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Alcohol abuse occurs when one misuses or over indulges in alcohol. There are many different types of drinkers. Some people drink responsibly, some drink very often, some drink moderately, and some drink heavily. People sometimes drink to relax, and there are people who think drinking will help them not think about certain things as a way to cope with the issues in their lives. Most of these are considered alcohol abuse. Sometimes problem drinkers may not drink heavily, but the drinking may be the cause of the progression of problems.

Continued abuse of alcohol can lead to certain types of cancer; such as bowel and liver cancer. Stomach ulcers are more common if you drink more than the recommended amount. High blood pressure and stroke are also linked to excessive drinking. Alcohol is responsible for 76 percent of deaths worldwide. When a person drinks in excess they lose mental capacity. Alcohol impairs judgment and reasoning ability, and this has been the cause of thousands of fatal vehicle related accidents and work related accidents.

Alcohol Abuse Without Being an Alcoholic

Alcohol abuse can happen even if a person is not an alcoholic. Many people may occasionally drink a lot, but still not be dependent on alcohol. One in every twelve adults abuses alcohol. Acts of denial or lying about drinking patterns are hints of a drinking problem. Many problem drinkers drink on a daily basis but can still have control over their drinking.

Stop Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse can be ceased. If you notice that a friend or loved one has a problem, an  intervention might be needed to guide them into seeking a rehabilitation center as soon as possible. For most people, alcohol abuse will not get better on its own, and alcohol detox or treatment will be instrumental in their recovery.

If you have  alcohol abuse problems or know someone else who does,  successful recovery can begin today with Best Drug Rehabilitation.

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