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Symptoms of alcohol abuse can involve a person having physical and mental issues with drinking. Some individuals who can’t concentrate on their everyday living such as their job and family life without alcohol, are considered to have an alcohol abuse problem. Just as drug abuse is called a disease, alcohol abuse is as well. Tension, anxiety, and activity level decreases due to alcohol abuse because of the central nervous system being heavily affected.

Having an alcohol abuse problem starts out by an individual not being able to just have a single social drink with others because for them drinking leads to abusing. Individuals with this abuse problem have the needs and wants of the alcohol. Alcoholics get the feeling of not caring, and the only thing that matters to them is their alcohol.

The Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

symptoms of alcohol abuseThere are some symptoms of alcohol abuse that users and loved ones should know about. Symptoms of alcohol abuse could be some, or all, of the following:

  • Can’t say no or control the amount of alcohol you drink
  • Having drinks secretively so nobody will know you are drinking
  • Not properly eating, because of loss of desire for food
  • Being confused
  • Violent with others while drinking
  • Needing and craving alcohol on a daily basis
  • Not caring about your appearance
  • Coming up with excuses about why you drink

If You Notice Any Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse, Get Help

If you have any of these symptoms of alcohol abuse, please contact us immediately so you can get the proper help you deserve. Don’t go another day with this disease eating at you; we are here to help. Alcohol abuse is a difficult abuse to control. There are so many who go without a support team causing them to have a relapse. It’s very important once you or your loved one get the proper help for alcohol abuse to have a support team so you will have people on your side who encourage you and help you remain sober.

For more information about symptoms of alcohol abuse or getting help, please contact one of our highly skilled professionals today.

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