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A compulsive want and need for a fermented, intoxicating liquid such as beer, hard liquors, or wine is called an alcohol addiction. When someone has a craving and can’t control the amount of alcohol they consume, it is called alcohol addiction. Having an alcohol addiction is hard, not only on the abuser, but to their family and friends as well.

The Dangers of Alcohol Addiction

alcohol addictionSome will experience anxiety, nausea, shaking, and sweating when the alcohol is wearing off or when the consumption stops. Alcoholics who have this disease can’t just stop drinking on their own because an alcohol addiction will cause the person to have no control over drinking. They will need assistance with stopping alcohol use because their ability to do it alone is impossible.

Alcohol addiction is a disease and needs to be treated as one. There are health issues an individual will have to deal with such as heart and liver disease, cancer, and brain damage. Alcoholics that choose to not stop drinking can also reduce their life span by 10-15 years. It is estimated that we have well over 15 million alcoholics in the United States, and over 100,000 will pass away yearly due to alcohol.

Getting Help for Alcohol Addiction

A huge effect of someone’s alcohol addiction could be based upon their traumatic lifestyle or the environment they were raised in. There are many individuals in the United States that will not be able to receive the proper help and care to overcome alcohol addiction. Having treatment and getting the support from family and friends can help save your life and help rebuild it. Alcohol addiction will lead people into physical and mental destructiveness along with serious trouble doing things which they would normally not do.

If you or a loved one has an alcohol addiction problem, call Best Drug Rehabilitation today and get the help you deserve.

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