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With these alcoholism statistics, we hope to keep everyone informed. It is also important for people to understand the underlying problems of this disease and ways to combat them. Alcoholism has taken a great toll on our country. It hits all age groups, races, and other groups with equal destructiveness. In this article, we will go into detail about how this degenerative disease affects America, how it unravels the moral fabric of our society, and where it hits hardest.

What do Alcoholism Statistics Show?

alcoholism statisticsOne of the first things that alcoholism statistics will show is how much money it costs the country. In 2009 alone, it cost the country over 250 billion dollars in treatment, lost wages, and other factors which is more than we spent on cancer that year. Also, one of the bigger problems is that over 25% of alcoholics are underage. This is setting up a never ending chain of addicts, which also puts a strain on our medical infrastructure with all the health problems that long lasting alcohol addiction causes. One of the sure signs that this is a wide spread problem is that it has been shown that over 40% of US adults have someone who is related to them that has been, or is currently, abusing alcohol.

As stated before, the biggest problem with combating this addiction is the early age when most kids are exposed to this debilitating disease. There are over 25% of the children in the United States having experienced alcoholism in their home before their 12th birthday. Over seven million kids have an alcoholic mother or father. The battle must begin by getting these children a solid start as alcoholism statistics have shown a 30% increase in the number of adults that become alcoholics when they are exposed in the early stages of childhood.

Staggering Alcoholism Statistics

These alcoholism statistics show us that alcoholism truly is a problem the United States is facing. With these staggering alcoholism statistics, we must help to combat this ever growing problem in our country today.

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