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Alcohol detox is similar to drug detox in many ways. Preparing the body for the healing and therapy that you are about to go through is of the utmost importance. To reach recovery, the first step is cleansing the body of any remaining alcohol that may still be in the system. A recovering alcoholic who is entering detox should always go in well informed as to what to expect before, during, and after their detoxification.

The client must understand that the withdrawal symptoms that are experienced during alcohol detox are caused by the body’s dependence on the alcohol and the body trying to adjust to not having alcohol in its system.

Alcohol Detox Process

alcohol detoxAlcohol detox is not an easy process, and some of the symptoms and side-effects of withdrawal can actually be dangerous. This means that in no way should an alcoholic ever try to alcohol detox alone. Detoxification should be done in a licensed alcohol rehab facility with trained professionals who can provide prompt treatment as severe and dangerous symptoms arise. Knowing what alcohol detox symptoms are to be expected during this traumatic part of recovery is part of being mentally and physically prepared for detoxification.

As the body heals and cleanses itself of alcohol during detox, the cravings that are experienced inhibit the success of any type of therapy. This is the reason that therapy is not started until the detoxification process has been completed and the more severe symptoms have passed. While the body is healing itself, the only focus the client is going to have is obtaining alcohol. Though it is necessary for therapy to be effective, this alcohol detox process in itself is overwhelming and traumatic to have to go through.

The struggle to a sober life can be traumatic, but the negative effects that alcoholism will have on your life without recovery will be much worse. Alcoholism not only has many short-term damaging effects, but the long-term effects of alcohol abuse are numerous and life threatening. Recovery from alcohol abuse is a day to day journey.

Our Alcohol Detox and Treatment Program

Our staff is here to provide every tool to help you reach your goal of a sober life through the entire alcohol detox and recovery process. When you are ready to take that first step to sobriety, our knowledgeable and empathetic staff can help you with finding a treatment program that is right for you, and prepare you for your recovery journey.

For more information about our alcohol detox programs, please contact one of our professionals today.

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