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Drug Abuse Prevention: Should it Start with Parents or Schools?

If you have children, you’ve probably wondered when is the right time to talk to them about drugs, or if you should leave it up to your child’s school to cover the topic of drug abuse prevention. Drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, are easily available to adolescents and children these days, and as a parent, what you tell your children about drug abuse and prevention can have a major impact on what they decide to do when they are presented […]

Drug Rehab: How They Help Addicts Stay Sober After Treatment

Overcoming addiction can be one of the hardest things for an individual to achieve. This is especially true when they are working to initially cease their use. Although, there is also more to recovery than the initial stopping of substance use. While this is a monumental achievement, there is also the matter of being able to remain sober. There are many people that are able to initially break free of substances but then have trouble with maintaining their sobriety. This […]

Recovering Addicts: Why Relapse Should Never Be an Expectation

When people suffer from drug and alcohol addiction, they feel as though they are completely trapped into that substance and that there is absolutely nothing that they can do about how intensively and terribly they are addicted to that substance. When people suffer and struggle with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, they really do feel as though it is the end of the line for them, and that they have run out of space and run out of effective […]

Group Therapy vs. Individual Therapy: How Both Benefit Addicts in Recovery

Addiction has become increasingly prevalent as time has gone on. Over the years, substances have been reformulated to be more potent and many have become more prominent as well. And of course, this has resulted in further people falling into hellacious addictions to various substances. Fortunately, while addiction can be extremely cumbersome to struggle with, it can be overcome through the many types of treatment that are now available in our contemporary age. The treatment that is best suited for […]

How to Enhance Your Memory with Holistic Methods

Maintaining our physical and mental health is a very important focus for us as a population. We all obviously want to be able to age well and live long, but often with the qualifier that we are also in good health and with all of our faculties. Aches and pains of various types often accompany the passing of age, but of course, this can be kept to a minimum if we take care of our bodies. Drug and alcohol abuse […]

Methadone Use and its Effects

Various modern substances can become extremely addictive for individuals. Some have a valuable purpose in the medical realm, whereas others are illegal and only used for recreational purposes. One type of substance that can have a very beneficial use in the realm of addiction treatment is methadone, but it can also have a litany of negative effects upon an individual. What is Methadone? Methadone is not necessarily as well-known as many types of medications. It is an opioid medication that […]

Codeine Use and Effects

Opiates have become one of the largest problem substances that our society faces these days. This category can include a wide variety of different types, and they have increasingly created addiction issues. In fact, the amount of addictions resulting from opiates has been declared an epidemic in many states around the country. One opiate that could be considered more mild is Codeine. Codeine is used for the purposes of pain relief and cough suppression, but recreational use and abuse have […]

Is a Complete Lifestyle Change Needed to Avoid Addiction Relapse

Addiction can be one of the most difficult conditions for an individual to overcome. It can completely consume a person and turn them from a morally upstanding individual into a miserable criminal. Once a person is able to break free of the chains of addiction, it can feel like one of the most liberating accomplishments ever, and it truly is. But, there is much more to addiction recovery than simply ceasing to use one’s drug of choice. In fact, good […]

Natural vs. Synthetic Drugs: Why Both are Dangerous

There is an extremely large amount of different types of substances within our society.  Some of these are used for medical purposes and others are made for purely recreational use.  And many of the medications that have medical purposes can easily be abused. There are typically two main classifications of drugs, natural and synthetic. What is a Synthetic Drug? Put simply, a synthetic drug is one that is created by man.  It is a substance that is either completely or […]

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Identity Theft: How Addiction Steals the Person You Used to Be

Addiction can affect a variety of different aspects of an individual’s life.  In fact, it can completely take over a person’s life and change them into a totally different person.  There is much more to addiction than simply physiological dependence.  At some point, the addiction and substance can become a person’s way of life, and this leads to the neglect of everything else that used to be important.  This is often why it can be so hard for an individual […]

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