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A class of drugs called depressants is the most consumed class of drugs in America. The main function of depressants is to inhibit the functions of the central nervous system. The danger that these drugs pose to the populace is their ability to be highly addictive physically and mentally. Depressants are drugs that can cause a colossal amount of health issues for the addict involved.

The Effects of Depressants

DepressantsWhat effects do depressants have on the human body? First, it will slur the speech of the individual on the drug. This is common with people taking the most common depressant, alcohol. Along with slurred speech, depressants will cause the user to seem to be confused and detached from reality. This can cause major issues with individuals who operate heavy machinery, such as cars. The user might feel like they’re being calmed and relaxed, but in reality they’re putting not only themselves, but other people’s lives, in danger.

Depressants get their name from the fact that they rapidly decrease the heart rate of a person on the drug. Unfortunately, this leads to a drop in blood pressure and a slower reaction time. The most prevalent issue that accompanies depressants use is the lowered breathing rate. There have been cases where people have died because of this.

Getting Addiction Treatment for Depressants

Fortunately however, there are many avenues in which an addiction to depressants can be treated. People who are addicted to depressants typically develop physical dependencies on the drugs. When the drug user decides to get clean, they will be faced with a difficult withdrawal period. The brain will go into shock at the sudden depletion of the depressant. There have been accounts where seizures have occurred during withdrawal.

If you or someone you know needs treatment for their addiction to depressants, our inpatient rehabilitation center will assist you or them with the best care possible. We’ll provide quality treatment and make sure that the addict hooked on depressants will safely get better and return to a healthy life.

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