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An inpatient drug rehabilitation program offers the best chance of success to get off drugs, especially for those who have been addicted for a long time. Individuals who go into an inpatient drug rehabilitation program must live in the facility while they are undergoing treatment. This allows the client to concentrate on the drug problem, without any outside distractions. Living in the drug rehabilitation facility also keeps the client away from the environment and people that may tempt him or her into resuming drug abuse. The length of time the client must live on the premises depends on the program and the progress of the client.

Multiple Options for Treatment

There are multiple drug rehabilitation program options for clients. Therapy is one of the most important ones. Therapy usually consists of group therapy with others sharing similar problems, and more intensive therapy from a trained professional that is geared to the individual. Different ways of managing stress, anger, and other problems are also explored. Healthier habits and routines are developed and practiced. Meditation, yoga, and physical exercise are encouraged to relieve stress. Prescribed medication is sometimes used to lessen withdrawal symptoms, especially at the beginning of treatment. Living in a controlled environment with specific times for meals, meetings, and bed times brings more order to the life of the client. This helps the client think more clearly and rationally about their drug addiction.

Choosing a Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Program

As with most things, it is a good idea to shop around for an inpatient drug rehabilitation program. Some drug rehabilitation center programs will appeal to some people and not others. Cost, length of programs, and the location of the facility must also be considered. Many health insurance policies will cover all or part of the expense of an inpatient drug rehabilitation program.

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