Effects of Cocaine

effects of cocaineResults show evidence that indicate the effects of cocaine use can produce long lasting changes in your brain neuroendocrine and neurochemical systems. The most complex organ in the human body is the brain; you need it to drive a car, to be able to breathe, to eat and enjoy a meal, and to enjoy your everyday activities. Effects of cocaine can impair all of these functions. The brain has many parts that work together just like a team. Different parts of your brain are responsible for performing and coordinating special functions. Cocaine and other drugs can change very important areas of the brain which are necessary for life sustaining functions.

Effects of Cocaine | Chemical Substance

Cocaine is a chemical, and it will work by tapping into your brain’s communication system which will interfere with nerve cells that normally receive, send, and process information. Cocaine may cause your nerve cells to release large amounts of natural neurotransmitters which can prevent normal recycling of these chemicals in the brain. Effects of cocaine abuse will indirectly or directly target the brain’s reward system.  It will flood the circuit with dopamine. This is a neurotransmitter that is in regions of the brain which regulate emotion, motivation, movement, cognition, and feelings of pleasure.

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When you abuse cocaine, the effects of cocaine can release from two to ten times the amount of dopamine than natural rewards will do. Chronic exposure to cocaine abuse may disrupt the way the brain structures interact to inhabit and control behaviors which is related to cocaine abuse. Continued cocaine abuse can lead to tolerance by making the user need higher cocaine doses to get the same effect.

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