Identity Theft: How Addiction Steals the Person You Used to Be

Addiction can affect a variety of different aspects of an individual’s life.  In fact, it can completely take over a person’s life and change them into a totally different person.  There is much more to addiction than simply physiological dependence.  At some point, the addiction and substance can become a person’s way of life, and this leads to the neglect of everything else that used to be important.  This is often why it can be so hard for an individual to be able to overcome addiction.

The Progression of Addiction

As a person continues to use for an extended period of time, they can begin to gradually neglect responsibilities.  This could begin by dropping quite trivial things like social events or cleaning their house.  But, as it continues to progress, they start to drop more and more responsibilities and activities, such as picking up their kids from school or going to work.  Their motivations become fixated upon obtaining and using their substance of choice.  They begin to spend all of their money upon obtaining their drug of choice, and when they run out of money, they may resort to stealing to fuel their habit.  They may have an entire day full of various obligations and responsibilities, but once addiction has reached such a level, their attention becomes fixated solely upon getting and maintaining a high, with everything else being ignored.

As mentioned above, it is for reasons like this that it becomes so difficult for an individual to overcome addiction.  Many have the idea that overcoming addiction is simply a matter of discontinuing use of a substance, but this is quite far from the truth.  For those who have been using heavily and for a long time, overcoming addiction becomes a matter of changing who they have become, and completely altering their life. The previous things that used to matter to them, such as family, hobbies, careers, etc. all can become neglected in the face of their substance of choice.  Their life began to revolve around using drugs or alcohol and so getting sober means changing who they are and their entire life, which can be daunting.

Fortunately, addiction is not impossible to overcome. Through proper treatment, a person can achieve their sobriety, even if it takes some time.  With those who have become so heavily fixated on their substance of choice, it can become a matter of shedding their old identity and relearning who they are once again.  It can take quite some time to do this and rebuild their life without substances, as it can require the person to change their operating basis, the groups and people they associate with, and other such daily life aspects.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Can Help You or Your Loved One to Overcome Addiction

There can be a lot to overcoming an addiction, but treatment can help a person to sort through it and thrive once again without substances.  The important thing to keep in mind with addiction is that it is unique to every single individual, and it must be treated as such.  Here at Best Drug Rehabilitation, we create a custom treatment program for each person to ensure that the various intricacies and factors of their addiction are addressed.  Through this approach, we are able to assist large numbers of individuals in overcoming their addictions every single year.  Give us a call today at 1-888-701-3151, and our staff can answer any questions that you may have in regard to our program.

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