Is a Complete Lifestyle Change Needed to Avoid Addiction Relapse

Addiction can be one of the most difficult conditions for an individual to overcome. It can completely consume a person and turn them from a morally upstanding individual into a miserable criminal. Once a person is able to break free of the chains of addiction, it can feel like one of the most liberating accomplishments ever, and it truly is. But, there is much more to addiction recovery than simply ceasing to use one’s drug of choice. In fact, good addiction relapse prevention very well may require many changes within an individual’s life.

The reality is that prior to becoming sober, an individual’s life is often not exactly conducive to a substance-free lifestyle. They may have friends who use quite regularly, a job that has temptation everywhere, or enablers in their life. Point being, there may be a large amount of factors and situations in their life that they have to leave or adjust for it to be more ideal for their sobriety. In fact, for some individuals, it may require an entire lifestyle change for them to really be able to avoid relapse and thrive in their sober life.

Lifestyle Changes That Can Help in Addiction Relapse Prevention

It can seem extremely daunting to have to change one’s life around to maintain sobriety, but it can also be easier than one may first think. The key is changing things around at a gradual pace if necessary, but also rapid enough that these factors do not continue to detriment the person’s sober life. Valuable life changes could include things such as:

  • Exercise – Physical activity and exercise can be extremely beneficial in addiction recovery. Not only is exercise very healthy for an individual in general, but it also helps to provide a good activity for an individual to occupy the time which they previously used in.
  • Hobbies – Picking up a new hobby is highly valuable in recovery for a similar reason as the above. It helps the person to occupy their time with something productive, plus it can give them an artistic outlet or help them to develop a new skill.
  • Developing New Friendships – As mentioned above, a person is often associated with people who are still using substances. It is wise to begin to phase out of these friendships, as they can be detrimental. It is much more ideal for a person to begin developing new friendships with individuals who are not using substances, such as those within the recovery community. Breaking off negative associations is a large part of thorough addiction relapse prevention.
  • Diet – In the course of substance use and abuse, an individual has often begun neglecting a healthy diet. And this often leads to improper nutrition by the time they have gotten clean. It is a good idea to begin adjusting your diet back to a more healthy and energy boosting state.
  • Honesty – A habit that often develops during the course of addiction is dishonesty. It can be a bit tough for some to break this habit, but it is definitely a must. It can be quite difficult to develop positive and happy relations with other people when one cannot be honest with them.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Can Help You or Your Loved One to Achieve Sobriety

It can be extremely difficult to admit an addiction, as well as seek treatment for it. But, there is nothing to be ashamed of when seeking addiction treatment, as it is what will allow you to overcome this hellacious condition. Give us a call today and we will help you or your loved one to finally break free of the chains of addiction.

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