Natural vs. Synthetic Drugs: Why Both are Dangerous

There is an extremely large amount of different types of substances within our society.  Some of these are used for medical purposes and others are made for purely recreational use.  And many of the medications that have medical purposes can easily be abused. There are typically two main classifications of drugs, natural and synthetic.

What is a Synthetic Drug?

Put simply, a synthetic drug is one that is created by man.  It is a substance that is either completely or partially manmade. Examples of this would be many different medications that we develop for the purpose of treating various medical conditions, such as Suboxone for treating addiction.

What Substances are Natural?

There are many different types of substances that could be considered natural.  One of the simplest examples is marijuana, or even Opium, being that they both originate from plants.  Though, natural does not mean safe.

Even though these two separate categories of substances can come from different sources, they can both have their dangers.  In fact, it comes down to the particular effects of each substance, rather than the source of their creation. Each category can have their own particular compounds and substances that can be impactful to health, and it also comes down to the way and amount that an individual is using the substance.  Many substances can be highly addictive and dangerous when used in large amounts or in a form that is not recommended, e.g. injecting instead of taking a pill.

Different Types of Natural and Synthetic Drugs

For instance, the category of opiates contains both classifications of drugs.  Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is considered one of the most dangerous substances out there at the moment.  It has continued to rack up large death tolls and was even the drug that was behind the death of Prince last year.  This substance is becoming extremely problematic.  There has also been a multitude of cases where heroin and fentanyl are being combined into an extremely deadly concoction.

But, there are also natural substances that can be potentially quite dangerous as well.  Morphine is derived directly from the opium poppy itself, but it is abused heavily by many all over the country.  It has also racked up its own death toll quite quickly over the years.  Morphine is also considered to be one of the most powerful opiates and is typically only used for extreme or chronic pain.  And yet, there are those who use it recreationally and incorrectly.

One of the most heavily used illicit substances is typically semisynthetic, and is extremely dangerous, which would be heroin.  Heroin has been a growing epidemic for a multitude of years, and while it has a similar makeup to many medicinal opiates, heroin itself is really only used for the purpose of getting high.

As mentioned above, it really comes down to the individual’s use of a substance, such as amount, method, frequency, etc.  This all plays a role in the effects that a substance is going to have upon an individual.

How Best Drug Rehabilitation Can Help You or Your Loved One

It can be seen all over the country how natural and synthetic drugs continue to ruin lives, relationships, careers, and much more through addiction.  There is a multitude of people that are needing treatment to be able to overcome their addictions, and that is what we are here for.  Best Drug Rehabilitation has helped a multitude of people to take back their lives from addiction through comprehensive treatment.  We create a customized program for every single person that enters our facility, and this allows the treatment to address all of the difficulties and issues that are particular to the individual.  Give us a call today at 1-866-296-1961, and we will help you or your loved one begin the road to a long and sober life.

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