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Identity Theft: How Addiction Steals the Person You Used to Be

Addiction can affect a variety of different aspects of an individual’s life.  In fact, it can completely take over a person’s life and change them into a totally different person.  There is much more to addiction than simply physiological dependence.  At some point, the addiction and substance can become a person’s way of life, and this leads to the neglect of everything else that used to be important.  This is often why it can be so hard for an individual […]

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What to Do if Your Family is an Addiction Trigger

When an individual is able to overcome addiction and begin their long life in recovery, it is a great achievement for them.  While their new victory it is an awesome feat, there is still the factor of ensuring that one’s life continues to be conducive to their sobriety.  Triggers are factors which are typically discussed heavily within addiction treatment, as far as identifying them and handling them goes and avoiding them too.  All of these are great knowledge for a […]

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Drug Cravings Considered a Core Symptom of Addiction

There can be many different factors and triggers of addiction that need to be addressed as part of treatment.  One of the core symptoms of an addiction that needs to be thoroughly addressed and handled is drug cravings.  While long-term treatment plans can include addressing their environment, relationships with loved ones, and associations, cravings are one of the most important first steps. Before one can begin the long-term processes, they first need to be able to handle their cravings and […]

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